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Thread: "Wheres the Pilot?"

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    Daniel Ortega has not made a public appearance in 3 weeks, many of the top officials in the FSLN party have no clue to where he even is.

    He has missed at least 2 major Presidential gatherings on the food crisis, which he said he was going to attend.

    He has not showed his face during or after the tropical storm, he has not made any stament towards the spending of INSS money for projects other than the intended moneys destination. He has made no statements to the removal of several political parties from the Municipal elections.

    The President of Nicaragua, by law, is allowed to leave the country for up to 15 days without notifying the parlament.

    The parlament gave orders for 2 officials of Ortegas government to present their case in front of the Asamblea, yet they did not show. The first was to explain the resources coming in from ALBA and PETRONIC, and show where this money is actually going. The other was from the INSS to explain who authorized the money and what the conditions were for the PResidents "Casa's para el Pueblo Presidente"., Wheres the pilot?!

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